Schools Capital Art Fund - successful projects 

A total of 18 schools have been successful in being awarded capital funding through Waltham Forest Council’s match funding programme. As the first-ever London Borough of Culture, £250,000 has been made available for local schools to create permanent artworks throughout their buildings and learning spaces; benefitting nearly 8,000 pupils.

Barn Croft Primary School
A permanent ‘welcome’ mosaic will be located at the school’s entrance, the children will focus on the theme ‘the local environment’ (flora and fauna theme).

Chase Lane Primary School    
Wooden panels will be sited along the walkway leading to the school; each art work representing a year group’s view of one of the many different cultures within the school community.

Coppermill Primary School    
Project 1: Coppermill Collage: 
Large-scale artwork of local environment made out of coloured plastic discs, around the school’s playground fencing, inspired by the Walthamstow Wetlands opening.

Project 2: Coppermill Values mosaic and ‘Coppermile’ Murals:
 A ‘Room 13’ - creative hub will be created in a spare classroom for regular art workshops, supported by an artist-in-residence.  The hub approach will allow all pupils to complete mosaic celebrating the school’s values, and murals on the side wall of the school building, as well as a sculptural and sensory art work in the school’s Peace Garden.

Edinburgh Primary School     
Project 1: Painted murals from the pupils will be added directly on to selected areas of exterior cladded walls around the school’s entrance to improve the street view; this will also be painted onto the school’s bicycle shed. 

Project 2: Children will create circular metal and wooden artwork which will be fixed onto existing fence panels along the street scape and in the school’s playground.

George Tomlinson Primary School 
An immersive theatre experience with three fairy tales (Snow White and the Red Rose, Hansel and Gretel and The Elves and the Shoemaker).  The shows will be free for all schools in the borough to visit. 
Greenleaf Primary School 
The school will complete year three of their project with The Barbican to create a mosaic in Key Stage 1 playground – elements include Greenleaf ethos and the local environment.

Handsworth Primary School
An artist in residence project will be created working with the school’s children

Heathcote School and Science College
A series of murals will be created by pupils to transform the look of the school’s internal and external areas –pupils will create inspirational quotes, historical and recent maps of the area, the history of the local area, and the school’s logo and values.

Henry Maynard Primary School     
Project 1: Anthony Lysyci stone sculptures to ‘connect’ split-site school, an area of seating in a form of a bench will also be created.

Project 2: Digital images representing the school and community will be transferred onto a canvas to be displayed in the school.

Project 3: Two pieces of mosaic artwork will be created by pupils at the main entrances of each site to symbolically ‘connect’ the two sites as one school community 

Low Hall Nursery School 
There will be two projects to replace the school’s old mosaics, and wooden painted animals along the school perimeter and grounds.

Parkside Primary School     
Project 1: Art installation comprising of mosaic benches and seating with images of well-known book characters and settings in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playgrounds to create quiet outdoor reading area.

Project 2:
The school currently has hoardings around the school and the children will work to create a mosaic artwork which depicts the school’s history.  This will include links to the area and the railway.  The artwork will be relocated in the school after the hoardings comes down.

Stoneydown Park Primary School    
Flights of Fancy
Children from Stoneydown Park explored creatures of flight such as birds, butterflies and bats.  They studied the shapes of these creatures made in flight; produced sketches, collages and wire drawings to create large, outdoor metal and ceramic sculpture pieces made from recycled materials.
Watch the video about their project

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School    
The children will work on a mosaic project.

Newport Primary School
Living spaces
Pupils will take part in landscape design and sculpture workshops to create a Sensory Sculpture Garden – with 3D sustainable sculptures created by each year group set within the natural environment

Chingford CoE (Infants) School    
Murals will be created by the children that will be displayed on the school gates depicting the local history of Chingford.

Chapel End Infants    
Woodlands Garden  
This project aims to reclaim the 'wilderness'! Both pupils and their parent can get involved in the art workshops that will run on Saturdays.  

Belmont Park School 
The school will host artwork on the perimeter hoardings surrounding the school – this will depict a mix of school ethos, inspirational quotes, and inspirational people from the pupils.