£250,000 schools arts funding awarded

Published Thursday 24 May by Charlene Young

More than 8,000 pupils from 17 schools across Waltham Forest will benefit from Schools Capital Arts Funding for arts projects as part of the Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture year.

The investment will provide a great teaching and learning opportunity for the pupils who will work with artists to develop pieces of art and run art projects allowing them to get involved and explore their creativity whilst leaving a permanent legacy for the school and the local community.

17 schools have been successful in their bid for funding, which will benefit more than 8,000 pupils, and leave a lasting impact for years to come.  Projects include: 

  • a Mosaic with a flora and fauna theme;
  • art worked wooden panels along the school’s walkway representing a year group’s view of one of the many different cultures within the school community; and
  • large-scale artwork made out of coloured plastic discs, inspired by Walthamstow Wetlands.

There will also be a series of murals with children’s inspirational quotes, a large outdoor metal and ceramic sculpture from children who have explored creatures of flights, a 3D sensory, sustainable, sculpture garden, an Anthony Lysyci stone sculpture as well as work created alongside the Barbican.  

George Tomlinson Primary School in Leytonstone will be providing an immersive theatre experience with three fairy tales (Snow White and the Red Rose, Hansel and Gretel and The Elves and the Shoemaker). The shows will be free for all schools in the borough to visit. 

Sam Hunt, Creative Director of Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019, said: “We were really pleased with the number of arts bids received from schools, and we are looking forward to supporting the schools with the fantastic range of project taking place to engage with the borough’s children and young people.  

“To have this project contributing to children’s creativity will not only be a positive experience for them, their parents and the wider community but the schools get to achieve improvements that can be transformational, which we hope will leave a positive effect as part of the London Borough of Culture’s legacy”.

The projects will aim to leave a lasting product for the school and the local community to enjoy beyond 2019; projects to be completed by end of January 2020.