What to expect from this weekend’s Out in the Forest

Published Thu 1 August by Liz

Out in the Forest, taking place this Saturday 3 August at Magic Spells Brewery, will be a night of performances and DJs, celebrating gender and queer identity in the forest as part of The People’s Forest season of events. 

We spoke to Staying Out, the collective behind the party, about the inspiration behind Out in the Forest, and what to expect from the night.

What was the inspiration behind Out in the Forest?

For Out in the Forest we knew we wanted it to be a night that centres on a lot of amazing stuff we hear and see going on out and about - the acts we chose are a reflection of this. It has been exciting to invite different worlds of the ‘queer universe’ to take part and see how they respond. 

By inviting all these worlds to come together for one night we are also inviting all their circles to join us too. We like asking who might turn up for a radical faerie drum circle and then stay for two hour techno set via Sgaire Wood.

The event promises to bring a touch of the forest to an industrial estate this weekend - what can party goers expect to experience?

Jamie Crewe’s poster for the night (see below) is really inspiring to us. We’re not interested in building a forest inside a warehouse or creating some simulation of outside in. What’s lighting our way is more abstract than that. It’s a feeling of being creatures of the night ourselves, moving through nature; our skin reflected back at as moonlight. We think it’s going to be more an impression of these feelings and memories.

Being queer in a forest or park, or some scrap of ambiguous land after dark, has a very real and long history behind it. It’s not anything we feel much need to make any major claims about for this party. But what we can say, and maybe this goes beyond ‘queerness’ per se, is that in this context, the forest is an idea; an alive and breathing space. It is not only a cruising ground, but a living realm of otherness and magic – creatures imagined and real. 

Tell us a bit about Staying Out

We are a collective who host parties, performance nights, film screenings and fashion shows together. Last year we organised a nationwide tour of discussions, film screenings and dance parties reflecting on the past 30 years since section 28 became law – the 1988 clause which banned the "promotion" of homosexuality by local authorities and in Britain's schools.

And the line up?

The Radical Faerie Drum Circle will kick off Out in the Forest with drumming, chanting and dancing. Next, Scottish drag artist and model Sgaire Wood will perform, followed by performance artist and DJ Jeanocide. 

The party will continue into the night with music from: Black Obsidian Sound System, whose events prioritise the comfort and safety of women of colour, femmes, queers and trans folk; Lewis G. Burton, the co-founder of queer techno rave Inferno; DJ Gin and Sophie Coletta. This will all be hosted by the fantastical London based drag artist Charity Kase.

Tickets for Out in the Forest are £10 (+ booking fee) in advance, or £15 on the day. Book tickets.

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Out in the Forest poster by Jamie Crewe