Creative IRIS dance workshops with DashDot/YouthDance.

DashDot/YouthDance in Waltham Forest, under the direction of dance artist Vicki Busfield, will support young people with physical and learning disabilities at Hornbeam Academy Trust’s William Morris Campus to take part in weekly creative IRIS dance workshops.

The project will culminate in a performance by DashDot/YouthDance at an inclusive youth dance platform hosted by Stopgap Dance Company, alongside other established groups.

Designed by Stopgap Dance Company, a leading professional inclusive dance company, IRIS is an innovative and flexible way of learning that aims to nurture the disabled dancers of tomorrow.  Vicki, a Creative Learning Associate of Stopgap, worked with the company as part of its IRIS teaching team to pilot the programme in East London prior to its launch in 2018.

DashDot/YouthDance in Waltham Forest will bring this incredible way of learning, creating and dancing to the borough for the first time.

More information to come. Watch this space.

Part of the Make it Happen Fellowship Funding programme.