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Year long

#Watevah @ the Victoria Expect anything - the ridiculously twee and shambolic, pristine pop, banging scary electronics, grindcore, dancehall, country AND western (th...

Rock, Paper, Petals: Dance Performances

Sunday 3 March 2019

A site specific dance performance at the top of William Morris Gallery main staircase. The choreography celebrates nature and women's identity and diversity by bring...

Getting from A to B

Monday 18 - Friday 22 February 2019

  Join Hawk Dance Theatre on an entertaining adventure around your local library. Hawk Dance Theatr...

Roger Ascham: Dancers in Residence

January-March 2019

New Adventures, Matthew Bourne’s award-winning dance-theatre company, will run a Dancers in Residence project with Roger Ascham Primary School, resulting in a once in a lifet...


Year long

Inspired by the rich cultural diversity and brilliance of multi-cultural communities Carnivalista is a celebration of the people of Waltham Forest.  Everyone fr...