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People's Forest


6 - 7 December 2019

In a contemporary experience that pushes us towards independence, isolation and sensationalism ‘Flown’ documents a process of finding an intimate, courageous alternative. ...

Living Symphonies

20 - 28 July 2019

Walk through the depths of the forest as the sound of Living Symphonies begins to materialise from the undergrowth and canopy around you.  ...

Out in the Forest

3 August 2019

Out in the Forest covers it all - from the blurred identities and frolics of Midsummer Night’s Dream to the cruising grounds of Derek Jarman’s Modern Nature. ...

Forest and Fantasy

4 October 2019

In a special commission for The People's Forest, Matana Roberts delves into the rich history of Epping Forest and connects it to the work of writer Ursula K Le Guin ...

Becoming the Forest

31 October - 2 November 2019

Becoming the Forest presents a sound-based installation at Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge, celebrating the oncoming winter. 


The Imagined Forest

13 November 2019

As the forest slides into autumn, we challenge musicians and writers to explore new mythologies amid the falling leaves of Epping Forest. 

Will Burns + Willowherb Review

3 December 2019

Epping Forest poet-in-residence Will Burns will read from a series of new works inspired by The People’s Forest. ...


13 September 2019

Gazelle Twin’s critically-acclaimed Pastoral album is an intense exploration of a divided England that looks behind the picture postcard image of our countryside. ...

Echoes: Unearthing Stories of the Forest

11 November 2019 - 3 January 2020

Epping Forest’s Artist-in-Residence, composer/violinist Ellie Wilson, creates new pieces inspired by human impact on Epping Forest.  ...

Flying Solo: FRACTALS 2

24 November 2019

In Flying Solo three international dance artists with roots in the UK, Ghana and the Caribbean explore their artistry in relation to home, their roots and the core of who they are.  ...