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Meet the Funder

Wednesday 22 May

Meet the funder... ...

Direct! Action!: Protest and The Forest

4 May 2019

Artist and curator Ed Webb-Ingall presents Direct! Action!, an exploration of Waltham Forest's rich history of community action and protest through a day of film screenings, discussions and workshops. ...

Lone Women In The Woods

17 May 2019

Starting and ending at Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest, this unique experience will enable women to take part on a journey through the forest from twilight to nightfall embracing and challenging fears and creating new narratives. ...

The Imagined Forest

13 November 2019

As the forest slides into autumn, we challenge musicians and writers to explore new mythologies amid the falling leaves of Epping Forest. 

Will Burns + Willowherb Review

3 December 2019

Epping Forest poet-in-residence Will Burns will read from a series of new works inspired by The People’s Forest. ...

Cultural Revolution: Curatorial Tour

28 April 2019

An in-depth look at the William Morris Gallery's special exhibition, led by the exhibition’s curator. ...

Rough Trade: William Morris Gallery series

11 April 2019

To celebrate the publication of a brand new set of works in collaboration with Rough Trade Books, William Morris Gallery presents an evening with the authors and artists involved. ...

Stanisław Wyspiański: Polish Arts & Crafts Movement

11 May 2019

Art historian Julia Griffin introduces the Polish Młoda Polska (Young Poland) movement and the work of its foremost representative, the artist, designer and writer Stanisław Wyspiański (1869–1907). ...