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The Imagined Forest

13 November 2019

As the forest slides into autumn, we challenge musicians and writers to explore new mythologies amid the falling leaves of Epping Forest. 

Will Burns + Willowherb Review

3 December 2019

Epping Forest poet-in-residence Will Burns will read from a series of new works inspired by The People’s Forest. ...

Human Library

April - June 2019

The Human Library is made of people not books. Visit the library, select your “book “and get lost in conversation. The Human Library is a storytelling project rooted in Waltham Forest. ...

Walthamstow Rock 'n' Roll Book Club

20 June 2019

Marshall Jefferson will be talking about his long-awaited book Diary of a DJ a history lesson in House Music. ...

From Page to Pavement

October 2019

From Page to Pavement invites you to collaborate with thousands of residents to animate the borough. See the story of Grandad's Island come to life on the streets of Waltham Forest. ...