Polish Jazz: Q&A with High Definition Quartet

Published Friday 11 October by Callum

Marta Bielawska-Borowiak of Goniec.com talks to High Definition Quartet, who will perform as part of the Polish Jazz London Series on Friday 18 October.

What were the beginnings of the band? When did you play together for the first time?

Piotr Orzechowski: We met while studying in Cracow. That was back in 2010, so we are approaching a big anniversary!

Alan Wykpisz: Yes, it was almost 10 years ago, at Cracow’s tygiel.

Mateusz Śliwa: ...that’s also where we played our first concerts, in Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club or Harris Piano Jazz Bar. But the most important event came later. In 2011, we took part in an important jazz competition in Belgium (Jazz Hoeilart), which we won.

AW: The band was founded with Patryk Dobosz on drums, then we were joined by Dawid Fortuna, and since 2015 we play in the current line-up, with Grzesiek Pałka.

Grzegorz Pałka: I am happy to be part of this great musical family!

Where did the idea of the name High Definition Quartet come from?

PO: Our first concert needed a name that we could put on the posters. It worked out to be a good name, but I won’t reveal where exactly it came from. We liked it from the beginning, as it was in line with the focus that we achieve together on stage.

What fascinates you in jazz?

GP: Spontaneity, collective expression, freedom.

AW: The opportunity for an honest, musical dialogue with no words, building mutual trust, feeling of freedom on stage. The relationship created between us when we share this experience and create this dialogue. And any everyday situation can influence this. That’s what’s most interesting for me.

High Definition Quartet perform at St. John's Music Hall on Friday 18 October.

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