Experienced events company Continental Drifts have worked moments as diverse as David Blaine’s Above The Below, Festival 2012’s Summer Like No Other and Bestival.

In 2019, Continental Drifts are helping create Welcome to the Forest, the spectacular opening event of Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019. Here they give us a hint about what to expect.

Who are Continental Drifts and what do you do? 

The company works across many types of events, from festivals to community parades and corporate parties. We work on event management as well as booking performers and bands.

The company began in Walthamstow and our office was based in the borough for a long time. Many years ago we were the initiators of the Walthamstow Festival, which featured numerous stages, sound systems and events down the market and 2 of the company directors are local residents.

What can people expect from your part in Welcome to the Forest

We’re really happy to be involved in the event and will be bringing music, performance and dance to animate the Forest Rd area. We will transform the road into a neon-lit, celebratory winter carnival featuring many groups and individuals drawn from the borough and beyond in partnership with Walthamstow’s legendary, Gods Own Junkyard

Have you been working with any local residents or organisations?

We’re working with a range of local organisations including Stow Film Lounge, MovE17, Jacky’s Juke Box and Vestry House amongst others. There’s so much talent in the borough.

Why do you think Waltham Forest is the right place for the first ever London Borough of Culture?

It’s such a diverse and vibrant community, rich in arts and history.

In three words, what should people expect from Welcome to the Forest?

Wonder, excitement, pride